Why it is important to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer

Hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a range of boiler services, including boiler installations, boiler repairs and boiler servicing is very important. Here at Atom Gas Ltd, we are Gas Safe registered and have put together a list of advantages that come along with hiring qualified heating professionals!

What is the Gas Safe Register?

Simply explained, the Gas Safe Register is a list of all businesses or engineers in the United Kingdom who have all of the necessary certifications to work lawfully with gas appliances. All gas appliances in your home need to be installed, repaired and serviced safely and carefully and knowing that is it done by a qualified heating engineer, will give you peace of mind. 

gas safe registered

So, why is hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer important?

You may be asking why it's vital to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out any heating services? Well, we have listed a few advantages for you, these include...

Highly Experienced & Knowledgeable

They have all of the necessary qualifications and experience to be a Gas Safe registered engineer, and their work is frequently inspected to ensure that it meets the required requirements set by Gas Safe. In addition, when carrying out a gas service, if they come across any issues, they are able to diagnose and fix it as soon as possible when compared to engineers who are not Gas Safe registered. 

Quality Assured

Heating engineers have their work regularly assessed so you can be assured that you are receiving the best service possible! All work is completed to the highest standards. If you think you have not received a great service or your heating engineer has not completed the work properly, you can easily send a message on Gas Safe. 

The list is regularly updated

The greatest advantage of hiring a heating engineer from the Gas Safe Register is that the list is constantly getting updated, meaning that you will always be able to find a fully qualified engineer to help with any heating services that you may require. 

You can also find out if your heating engineer is Gas Safe registered by simply asking them to show you their Gas Safe ID. Here at Atom Gas Ltd, our Gas Safe registered engineers are available across Whitstable, Canterbury, Ramsgate and the surrounding areas. Call our team on 01227 20678047.