What to consider when relocating your boiler

If you are looking for top-notch boiler services in Whitstable, Canterbury and Herne Bay, Atom Gas limited is an excellent option for you. Our boiler services include boiler installation and boiler replacement services. We have the best team of heating engineers to make sure that all services are provided by professionals who work safely and efficiently.

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Things to consider when relocating a boiler 

Reasons For Relocating Your Boiler 

Before you make the decision that you need boiler replacement services, you have to ask yourself why you need to replace the boiler and install it somewhere else. Maybe the boiler is in an awkward area or taking up too much space in a small room. You should also ask yourself where you’d relocated the boiler to if you went ahead with it. 

Sometimes customers need boiler relocation services because their boiler has become outdated and they need to install a modern version. Newer boilers are smaller than older models, which means that you may want to consider moving them to another area in your home. 


When relocating or installing boilers, certain protocols must be followed. Boilers should be relocated and installed in a location where it is easily installable and accessible. In many cases, people decide to install the boiler in their loft. This is because it’s out of the way and doesn’t take up space in their home.

Cost of Relocating Your Boiler

Boiler relocation doesn’t need to be overly complex or costly. Just make sure that you consider the cost of new materials needed to relocate the boiler, such as new pipes, thermostats, controls, fixtures, and fittings. 

On average, it costs between £350 and £600 to relocate a boiler. That includes labour costs and costs of any new materials that you may need to purchase. 

Using a reputable company for relocating your boiler is important. It ensures that technicians have found a suitable and safe location for the new boiler and have the skills to install it properly. Our team of expert heating engineers can advise you on the best location for your boiler and give you the confidence that they know what they’re doing.

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