Maintain Your Central Heating By Following These Steps

Keeping your central heating system in great condition is very important, the reason for this is because it helps ensure that your boilers and radiators are running safely and efficiently. Here at Atom Gas Ltd, we have listed a few low maintenance things that you can do to help extend the life of your central heating system. 

maintain central heating system

How do I maintain my central heating system?

Add insulation to your pipes

There are higher chances of your pipes freezing during the winter. When this happens, it can cause your plumbing system to not work as it used to and potentially cause a burst. To prevent this from happening, our plumbers highly recommend adding insulation to not only prevent them from bursting but also retain the heat. 

Bleed your radiators

Cold spots on radiators are mainly caused by trapped air. Bleeding your radiators helps release the trapped air and is something easy that you can do, however, if you would a professional heating engineer to carry this out for you, simply get in touch with us by viewing our contact details down below. 

Boiler Pressure 

The pressure gauge should be between 1 and 1.5 to show that your boiler is running smoothly, anything below this needs to be topped up. If you are finding that it is dropping too frequently, you may need to get a qualified engineer to look into this for you.

Invest in a CO Alarm 

If you already do not have one, make sure your home has a CO alarm fitted, preferably near your boiler. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas so when it leaks, it can be hard to detect. Having a CO alarm will help detect this, keeping you and your family safe. 

Check the Pilot Light

Make sure your boiler has a blue flame because it means that it is working correctly. If you see an orange or a yellow flame, it may mean there is an issue with your gas supply and a Gas Safe registered engineer needs to look into this for you. 

Get in touch

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