A Plumbing Repairs Guide

Our plumbers in Whitstable, Canterbury, Ramsgate, and Herne Bay have put together this guide to help you with learn everything you may need to know about plumbing repairs, including how to save money on plumbing services. 

plumbing repairs guide

A Guide To Plumbing Repairs

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Plumber? 

Depending got the job performed and we your are based, the cost of hiring a plumbing can vary. Certain plumbing often charge by the hour, and again depending on the type of job, it can take a couple of hours.  

There are other plumbing companies that charge a fee after assessing the type of plumbing issue you have, mainly because a plumbing repair in one house can be a huge job in another house and can take a lot longer to fix.  

The time it takes your plumbing to arrive to your home can also increase the costs, especially if they need to drive certain miles to your house therefore they may charge extra for the trip. 

Types of Plumbing Issues 


A leaking tap might simply indicate that the installed pipes have been damaged. This happens because p ipes deteriorate with time, resulting in a never-ending cycle of pipe problems. Leaks are a fairly common problem in any home. 

Blocked drains

A clogged drain is more than just an annoyance. It may create a variety of issues, including overflowing toilets, foul odours, and clogged sinks.

Other plumbing repairs include repairing frozen and burst pipes as well as fix any drainage issues. 

At Atom Gas Ltd, we have plenty of experience repairing leaks and  therefore fully confident we can offer you a comprehensive and effective solution to fix the issue. 

How to save money on plumbing services

This is due to the fact that maintaining your plumbing system and decreasing water waste may help you save significantly over time.  Some of these include: 

- Ensure that your toilet is flushing normally

- Clean the drains regularly

- Repair any leaks the occur straight away

If you would like to learn more about plumbing repairs, get in touch with our team by calling us on 01227 678047